Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: Wen Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner

Hey ladies! I’m back, and while I’ve been out I’ve started a new product affair, and I’m not ashamed to say it. The product I’m talking about is none other than, Wen Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner. Wen Pomegranate is the newest addition to the Wen lineup, and if you’ve read my blog before, you may know Wen is how I got hooked on a “No-Poo” routine.

Months ago, I was up late one night, watching QVC, and Chaz Dean was on. I’ve used Wen products multiple times in the past, but when I saw Chaz talking about a new product, I was hooked. I wanted to try it then, but it was only being released on QVC, and only in a 6 oz. size. Now, for me, I don’t have any desire to try a product, love it, and then not be able to get it in a size that will last. So I flipped the channel. Well, thankfully a few weeks ago I was sent the 16 oz. size to try and review for you ladies.

According to, Wen Pomegranate is a universal cleanser, for all hair types. It gives moisture, hydration, shine, bounce, and builds body, and volume.

So, of course I used it as soon as I got it. I immediately noticed some differences between the Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner, and a few of the other Wen Cleansing Conditioners that I’ve tried. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells good, but definitely has a more minty/menthol smell then the Sweet Almond Mint. The second thing I noticed was that once you add a smidge more water to it, it’s a lot more foamy/frothy than the other Wen products. If you cowash, or have used Wen, you probably know what I’m talking about. So I did my normal shower routine, and then rinsed. I used about half a pump as a leave-in, and continued with my normal hair routine. I have to say, the smell of the Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner lingers, which I like. I could still smell it in my hair after my hair was completely dry. It wasn’t a strong smell, just clean.

Wen Pomegrante Cleansing Conditioner boasts some great ingredients; Aloe Vera leaf juice, Pomegranate Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Chamomile Extract, Marigold Flower Extract, and Wild Cherry Fruit Extract, to name a few.

I have to say I really liked Wen Pomegranate. It did what it said it would. My hair felt soft and moisturized, without being weighed down. I’ve been using it now for 3 weeks or so, and the results are great.

If you want more info check out

If you’ve tried Wen Pomegranate, or have questions about it, feel free to leave a comment…

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Anonymous said...

Does Wen pomegranate work well on waxy, color treated hair?

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