Monday, August 31, 2009

Washing Your Hair With Conditioner.............What!?!?

Ladies! Awhile back I mentioned that you could use Suave conditioner in place of Wen Cleansing Conditioner to cleanse your hair. Well, I do still use my beloved Wen Cleansing Conditioner, however, with the economy the way it is, who can afford a $30 bottle of conditioner?

So I did some research and found an great article on The Beauty Brains website about other options, and they recommended using Suave or VO5, as they're both ridiculously cheaper and actually clean your hair better.

Curly ladies know, that silicones are the enemy, although I admit some of my hair products contain silicones. I also still shampoo, with Everpure, once a week or so to remove silicone build-up. Well, as it turns out Wen Cleansing Conditioner has silicone in it, which will build-up on your hair and eventually lead to frizz and weigh your hair down. Suave conditioner on the other hand has more ingredients in it that actually cleanse the hair, and no silicones that will cause build-up. So for like $2 a bottle you can get potentially better results.

Cleansing your hair with conditioner is really easy, and doesn't take any longer than traditional washing. Basically, rinse your hair really well when you first get in the shower. Then get an appropriate amount of conditioner for your hair length, this may take a few tries to figure out. It will take more conditioner than you would normally use, but not an ungodly amount, unless you have a lot of hair. Work the conditioner through your hair, and add a small amount of water to your hair. If you have the right amount of conditioner, it should start feeling sort of foamy, not a lather at all, just foamy or frothy. Now, scrub your head the same way you would with shampoo. What I like to do at this point is actually comb any tangles out of my hair. Once you've scrubbed to your heart's desire, either rinse and use your normal conditioner as usual, or leave the cleansing conditioner on for the remainder of the shower, and rinse. Done! See, that was easy!

One of the things that I love most about using Suave as a cleansing conditioner instead of Wen; all of the scent options. You can changes smells daily and still save money!

Hope this helped! Here's the link to The Beauty Brains article if you want more information.

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