Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: SixThirteen by Chaz Dean Daily Cleansing Treatment

Hey gals! I’m back for another product review. If you’re a frequent reader, you know I love Wen by Chaz Dean. I’ve tried multiple products from the line, and I’ve liked every single one. So…I’ve been eyeballing the SixThirteen Daily Cleansing Treatment since it was introduced, last year I believe. Well, love from afar no more, I got it, and I LOVE it. Let’s get to it.

I’ve seen SixThirteen described as Wen on steroids, and that’s probably the most accurate description. The original formulas are all moisturizing and from my experience, leave hair soft, shiny, and clean. The SixThirteen takes the fabulousness, I know that isn’t a word J, to a whole other level. It’s richer, creamier, and just better.

How you use SixThirteen is exactly the same as the original formula's, apply the amount you need depending on the length of your hair, work it into your hair, add a splash of water and massage the crap out of your scalp and hair. You have to be sure you massage your scalp well, or it isn't going to get clean. Leave the product on for the remainder of your shower, then rinse it out completely. The first difference in performance that I noticed was how much more frothy/foamy this is. Once again, it's just better. 

SixThirteen Daily Cleansing Treatment is exactly what the name implies, a daily treatment. If you have fine/thin hair, that’s already healthy, you may or may not like it. It’s much more moisturizing then the original formulas. To be more accurate, it contains 11 amino acids and 25 essential oils and extracts. For my parched and damaged locks, it’s exactly what I need to keep them luscious.

Oh, and the smell. Mmmmmm, yum. It’s lemon, rosemary, and vanilla bean. To my nose it smells mostly like vanilla bean with a very faint hint of lemon. It’s fabulous, seriously.

If you love Wen, like me, this is absolutely worth checking out. I know it’s expensive, but if you have hair like mine that needs extra TLC, it’s so worth the investment. On it’s $78 for 32oz, but you can get the same bottle on for $61. I got mine on QVC, honestly why would you pay more for the same thing? J

If you have SixThirteen, or have any questions about it, leave me a comment…


Babyliss said...

Thanks for your review: I heard mixed opinions regarding this cleansing treatment so far.

мойка said...

Всем привет! помогите кто знает... ищу где можно купить утюжок для волос как пользоваться, щипцы для волос гофре и выпрямитель для волос беспроводной? я только начала управлять салоном красоты, надо найти оборудование, а я не знаю где это купить)

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