Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Products I'm Loving....

In an an effort to streamline some posts, I thought I'd just do a Products I'm Loving. I have so many new products to review for you ladies, but I get so busy with life and I procrastinate. Once again, my apologies for a long absence. Let's get to it...

Hair Products I'm Loving

  • Ouidad Botanical Boost- This is a leave-in, but it packs a nice protein hit, and it really helps perk up my curls. It's also great for a refresher spray, so it does double duty. It's lightweight, so I can use as much as I want without worrying about getting weighed down. 
  • Wen 613 Cleansing Treatment: This deserves a review unto itself, which I will do ASAP. This is literally the best cleansing conditioner I've ever used, maybe even the best conditioner period. I've seen it described as a cleansing conditioner on steroids, and it's true.
  • Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel: This isn't an actual hair product, but plenty of curlies use it as one. Now that the heat and humidity of summer has descended on Oklahoma, my hair needs a little something extra to keep it looking fab. AVG is it. I don't use it as a stand alone styler, I put it on top of my regular styling products. 
Skin Care I'm Loving
  • Garnier Fructis Clinical Dark Spot Corrector: This is my absolute favorite moisturizer at the moment. It's not heavy or greasy, it's almost got a serum consistency. It smells great, like oranges. And most importantly it leaves my skin perfectly moisturized. This is one of those rare moisturizers that does a perfect balancing act on my combination skin.
  • Olay Pro-X Facial Cleansing Brush: I love, love, love this! It leaves my face so soft and clean. I use it everyday in the shower. If your a cheapskate, like myself, and you don't want to fork over the money for the Clarisonic, you have got to try this!

I don't want to make this post ridiculously long, so I may do another one later. I still have a ton of products to share with you gals, so stay tuned. 

Have you tried any products recently that you can't keep to yourself? Leave me a comment.

*Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned in the post were sent to me by the company/pr company for review consideration. The opinions are 100% my own.


Samantha Ryder said...

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Ann said...

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