Thursday, January 28, 2010

FTC, blah blah.

Dear FTC:
Products are sent to me to try, and share my thoughts with my readers. The fact that a product was sent to me for free in no way effects my opinion, either good or bad. If I don’t like a product, I have no problem saying so. It’s in my best interest as a blogger to be honest about things, if my readers think I’m a liar, they’ll stop reading. If something doesn’t work, I don’t want other women going out and spending their hard-earned cash on it, when there are so many fabulous things out that that are worth every penny. If something is awesome, and I truly like it, then I have no problem telling my readers that.

Just because products are sent to me to try, doesn’t mean I’m going to review them. If they’re mediocre, and I think there are better things for the money, then I probably won’t bother writing about them at all. Why waste my time, and my readers with products that just don’t cut it?

Mrs. Blacksten

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