Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review: Sheer Cover Blush Duo in Ginger/Pinched

So this was another of the product's that Gunthy Renker sent me to try out and review for you ladies. I am a huge blush addict at the moment. My makeup obsessions are constantly changing, and currently blush is at the top of my list.

This is the Sheer Cover Blush Duo in Ginger/Pinched. I love that it has two shades in one container, you can mix them or use them alone, it just creates more options. The pink one, Pinched, is a beautiful bright pink with some shimmer to it. It's pretty much a universal blush color, I think any skin tone could wear it.Ginger reminds me of a bronzer mixed with blush, it's sort of bronze, yet still pinkish. It's also a gorgeous color, this one is a little trickier, if you're fair like me you're really going to need to use a light hand to wear this shade correctly. Both shades are beautiful, and are somewhat shimmery. I personally have found that mixing them gives more depth, and a nice finish.

Sheer Cover Blush Duo in Pinched/Ginger is a great option for an affordable blush with a lot of options. Just like all the products in the Sheer Cover line it can only be bought through Gunthy Renker's customer service line. If you're a member of the Home Delivery program you can save some money by ordering it in your kit.

I'll swatch both of these soon so you gals can get a better idea of the color payoff.

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