Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review: Sheer Cover Mineral Powder Foundation

Hello gorgeous! I'm back with another review for you and this time it's Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation. I am an avid mineral makeup lover, and if your wondering why, then check out my post on that awhile back. I spoke with the very nice folks at Gunthy Renker and they agreed to send me some Sheer Cover to review for you dolls.

So anyway, Sheer Cover is a mineral foundation with a proprietary formula. Proprietary meaning no other mineral foundation has the exact same ingredients. I'm sure most of you have seen the infomercials, or reviews online. So where to begin?
  • Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation is available exclusively through Gunthy-Renker, it can be bought through the 800 number or the website: Sheer Cover
  • It comes in 9 colors, and if you order the kit you'll recieve 2 colors so you can mix if need be. We'll talk about the kit itself in another review.
  • It has a less shiny finish than BE, more of a natural glow, and offers slightly more coverage.
  • Sheer Cover, just like with any other good mineral foundation, won't look chalky or powdery if applied correctly. It's very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.
So what did I think about Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation? I liked it, it was sheer yet buildable, and gave me a great finish. The foundation sank into my skin and looked completely natural. If you love mineral foundations, like I do, than you should check it out. However, it does contain the dreaded bismuth oxychloride, so if you've had a reaction to it in the past, than Sheer Cover probably isn't for you.

 I happen to be the lightest color they make, so if you're pale like me, than don't order through the website, you need to call customer service and tell them so that they can send you the right shade. If you already bought it and the colors are wrong, then call customer service and they'll gladly send you the right color, at no extra cost.

Sheer Cover is, in my opinion, just as good as BE, with less shine and better coverage.

Who else likes Sheer Cover? Shecky's, where it won Best Foundation 2009!

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