Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review: Jessicurl Line

Hello all you lovely curlies! I'm back, it's time to talk about Jessicurl, which basically has a cult following in the curly community. Jessicurl was created by Jessica McGuinty, a Naturally Curly community member, when she was unable to find a product that gave her the results that her hair needed and she wanted. She cooked Rockin Ringlets up in her kitchen, and the company grew from there.

I reached out to Jessicurl about featuring the brand on here and Examiner, and there were more than helpful and sent me a trial kit to test out. I have fine to medium hair, it's color-treated, it's damaged from heat styling, and it's dry, so I opted for the rich collection. I tend to prefer products made for a thicker, coarser hair type. Included in the Jessicurl trial kit are: Rockin' Ringlets Styling Potion, Confident Coils Styling Solution, Hair Cleansing Cream, Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, Weekly Deep Treatment Conditioner, and Awe Inspiraling Spray. The kit is $23 to buy, which is a bargain for everything you get!

So let's talk about each Jessicurl product individually:
  • Rockin' Ringlets Styling Potion: I must admit I was skeptical about this after seeing it. It has the absolute oddest consistency that I have ever seen in a hair product. It's brown and very thin, so initially I assumed that I wouldn't like it. Well let me tell you I was wrong, I love this. It glides easily through my hair, and it helps give my curls better definition.
  • Confident Coils Styling Solution: This is more of a styling lotion, it's white with the consistency of conditioner, a good conditioner anyway. It's meant to be used after Rockin' Ringlets, to help hold your curl pattern better. It worked for me beautifully, leaving me with well-defined, shiny, springy curls.
  • Hair Cleansing Cream: This was another product in the line that I was initially skeptical of, it has a thin consistency like Rockin' Ringlets. Most cleansers are somewhat thick, and this isn't. Hair Cleansing Cream isn't a cleansing conditioner, or a shampoo. It's got it's own thing going on, when you first apply it to your hair is feels like it isn't really doing anything, and then you get this amazing lather. All without the use of sodium lauryl sulfate, which for curlies can be a curl killer.
  • Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner: This is a super rich and creamy conditioner, which left my hair amazingly soft. I'm pretty picky about conditioners, as my hair can be finicky, and this one is definitely a keeper. If you have fine or thin hair, and thick conditioners weigh your hair down, this would be a great deep treatment option.
  • Weekly Deep Treatment Conditioner: I left this is my hair overnight, since my hair is so damaged from years of pretending I don't have curly hair, and when I rinsed it out the next day my hair was ridiculously more manageable. It wasn't like magic in a bottle or anything, but my hair was easier to style, looked better, and felt super soft.
  • Awe Inspiraling Spray: I'm not a 2nd day hair kind-of-girl, I completely redo my hair everyday, so this really hasn't gotten much use. I did spray it on my hair a few time, midday, just to see if I could restyle my hair with it, and it worked.
The Jessicurl Trial Kit that I got, I opted for the scented version, so I was able to try both of their scents out. I prefer products with scent in them. Both of the scents were pleasant, not overbearing at all, and didn't interfere with all the other scents I had on.

Bottom line, I really truly liked the Jessicurl line, it left my curls gorgeous, soft and manageable. I would definitely purchase for future use. The entire line is silicone free, so there's no need to shampoo occassionally to get rid of build up, which is a big problem of mine. They're also really affordable, everything is $12.75 each, for full-sized versions. You can also buy a full-sized version of the trial kit for $65.

Check everything out at Jessicurl!

Also stay tuned because very soon I'm going to be featuring a Jessicurl Giveaway, where one lucky reader will win a trial kit or 3 full-sized products. :)

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Karin Carr said...

I ordered the trial kit about 8 weeks ago and just reordered the cleansing cream. It's the most fabulous "shampoo" I've ever used! She has videos on her web site showing how to apply all the products which I found enormously helpful. I love the Island Fantasy fragrance too!

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