Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel

What curly girl doesn't try almost anything they can get their hands on? I am constantly on the look out for new products, new techniques, and almost anything that may work for my curls. I've been reading all over the boards at Naturally Curly, about L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel.

L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel is readily available at almost any drugstore. It's also super cheap, I think I paid $2.50 for my bottle at Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, and I got the really big bottle. It seems like everytime I go to Wal-Mart, I bring something beauty-related home.

So I have a few things that I require in a gel: hold, no flakes, pleasant smell, non-drying, no silicones, no alcohol, and no mineral oil. Since I no longer shampoo my hair, making sure that I'm not using silicones or anything that isn't water-soluble is very important. L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel meets all my criteria, so let's get on with the review.

I went about my normal hair routine: cleanse with No-Poo, condition with One Condition and I use a small mixture of One Condition and B'Leave-In as my leave-in. I then scrunch out excess water using an old t-shirt or Curls Like Us Curl Cloth. Then instead of using ArcAngell, I scrunched in L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel. I could tell immediately, by the way it felt going into my hair, that it was indeed a hard hold gel. They just feel different, they don't have the same slip as a regular or light hold gel. In my experience, most hard hold gels also seem to dry faster, alcohol or none. Maybe this is what allows them to really set the hairstyle?

So, after I'd scrunched to my hearts desire, and used the Curls Like Us Curl Cloth to help set my curls, I diffused. Using my diffuser is the ultimate test for any hair product that I use, if it won't hold my curls in place while I diffuse, it probably won't hold them in place for the rest of my day. After all, I have a 4 year old little boy who likes to wrestle, and play crazy. Guess what, L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel passed. After diffusing my curls, they looked awesome, super hard, but awesome. So I used a little MirrorCurls to SOTC, and my hair looked great. It's shiny, bouncy, and I think it would stay in place if a tornado happens to tough down.

Have you used L.A. Looks Sport Hold Gel? Did you like it? Any other awesome gels you think I should try?


Alyssa said...

I know you have curly hair and so do i. im looking for a good product for hair that poofs when it dries, do u think this gel would be good?

Mrs. Blacksten said...

Hey Alyssa,
It may work for you. It really depends on your hair properties.
What kinds of products does your hair typically like?

If you check out naturallycurly.com, and use it's search feature, there are a ton of threads about this gel.

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