Friday, December 18, 2009

The lies continue with EDM...

Hi gals! Awhile back I told everyone that I was boycotting Everyday Minerals, and I mentioned it again a few days ago, I think. Well I was browsing Megs Makeup this morning and noticed more grumblings about EDM.

The initial problem that I had with EDM was they blatantly lied to customers. They told everyone that when the website changed, they would keep certain kits available. The website changed, and they announced that in fact, they would not keep the kits. I'm not even sure if EDM announced it, or if everyone just noticed that the kit wasn't available on the new site. When people started complaining in the EDM forum, they were unexpectedly kicked off, and their profiles were deleted. As soon as I realized what was going on, I decided that I would not support, or purchase products, from a company who obviously cares so little about the people who happily spread the word about them. EDM made no attempts to right the situation, and for some reason, so many ladies were willing to overlook it, I suppose because they liked the product.

Then, on Megs Makeup today, I noticed others were complaining about a new issue with EDM. Apparently, they changed the formula for some of their products, and never mentioned it, and didn't update the ingredients. This caused some customers to have severe reactions to the products. From what I read, when this was brought to EDM's attention they got defensive, and sent out nasty e-mails to concerned customers. I'm not sure if they've publicly admitted to changing formulations, or if it went out in e-mails, or what, but their practices seem to be becoming more and more selfish and potentially dangerous to consumers.

I don't know if, or how the formulation change, may have affected the quality of their products. I haven't purchased anything from them in quite awhile. I can say that the products that I still have from months ago, were quality products. That was never my complaint, however, it may be others complaints now.

EDM was made popular strictly through word-of-mouth, of happy customers like myself. Then they seem to have stopped caring about those customers. What does that say about what kind of company they're running?

Have you had similar experiences with EDM? Please feel free to leave comments, as I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

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