Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going Curly Girl, what does it mean, and how does it work.........

Hello ladies, I know I've been talking and talking, well, blogging and blogging, about hair lately, sorry to disappoint but I'm talking about hair again today. I go through phases, one week I'm obsessed with skincare, then haircare, then makeup. Stick around, I'm sure I'll get sick of hair and move on soon enough, just not yet.

Today were focusing on "Curly Girl", the method of caring for curly hair that Lorraine Massey invented I suppose, and addressed in her book, by the same name. If you check out Naturally Curly, there's tons of info, for anything I don't cover here, or maybe you have more questions about.

There are basically some main points to being Curly Girl, or CG as it's often referred to.
  • Say no to sulfates!!  Sulfates, which are essentially in all shampoo are horrible for curly hair, frankly their bad for any hair, but especially curly, dry, or damaged hair. Sulfates strip hair of it's natural moisture, and cause damage. They cause frizz, scalp problems, and a slew of other things. You don't need shampoo to cleanse your hair, which I have address in several other posts. Conditioner, the right conditioner, can be used, very successfully, to cleanse your hair and scalp.
  • Say no to silicone!! Silicones work by coating your hair, which prevents your hair from absorbing moisture and anything else that's good for it. Silicones may give you the illusion of great hair for a short amount of time, but they require sulfates in order to be removed. If you've eliminated sulfates, then you muct eliminate silicones. Silicone is found in a variety, in fact most hair products. Pretty much any ingredient that ends in -xane, -cone-, -conol, is a silicone and should be avoided.
  • Treat your hair with TLC!! Your hair is a delicate thing, no matter how strong you think it is. It should be treated with care. Only detangle hair when it is soaking wet with conditioner. Never dry brush your hair, it causes breakage and a ridiculous amount of frizz. Make sure your hair is always properly moisturized. Curly hair is dry hair, and it needs to be moisturized to thrive.

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