Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Confession of a product junkie.........I'm in love

Hello gals, sorry it's been so long. I have a confession today.......I'm a DevaCurl junkie. I absolutely love the entire line, and I may never turn back. The entire line smells divine, works beautifully, and makes my hair happy. DevaCurl is all I've been using for awhile now......that's right I said it, I'm monogamous. From the first time I opened a bottle of No-Poo I knew Deva was "The One".

I adore the entire line, and if you're curly, like myself, and haven't tried the line, then run out a pick some up. While I realize that what works for my hair won't necessarily work for everyone, it's worth trying. The DevaCurl line is the #1 hair care line for curlies in the U.S. for a reason.

The products are so moisturizing. If you aren't like me, and you like to keep things simple, then you can literally just use 3 products: No-Poo, One Condition, and AnGEL. However, I am a total product junkie, and I thoroughly enjoy mixing it up with my hair routine. I use almost the entire line, and I can honestly say, I love them all. I don't really use everything as directed, but I do use everything. The only Deva product that I've yet to get my hands on is the DevaFuser, and you can bet after Christmas is over, I'll be picking that beauty up too.

The reason I'm even telling you ladies this, is because I typically am a polygamist with products. I don't expect to get everything I need or want from one brand or line. Just because I adore Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream, doesn't mean I need or want the shampoo and condish to match, right? Wrong, well wrong with Deva products anyway. I could go on and on about DevaCurl all day, literally. I need some Deva friends to share the excitement, love, and relief at finally finding something that works for me, with. Any takers?


Amy said...

I've been faithful to DevaCurl ever since the products were developed! There's nothing else like them for us curlies.

Anonymous said...

I am really new to the CG Method and so far I've absolutely loved the DevaCurl line. While it is a bit pricey, I've been able to sacrifice starbucks and eating out every week for some great hair products. Plus, the smells absolutely divine!

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