Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spotlight on Curly Hair: DevaCurl

The original Curly Girl, Lorraine Massey is a best-selling author, world famous hair stylist, and has her very own line of hair products for curly girls; DevaCurls, DevaCare, and DevaColor. I’m so jealous! Today we’re going to talking about DevaCurls!

The entire DevaCurl line is sulfate-free, as curly-girlies we should all know that sulfates are the enemy. Every product in the line is designed to give you the gorgeous, soft, shiny, bouncy curls that you crave.

DevaCurls cleans, hydrates, and styles. The best part is that the entire line is easy to use, doesn’t cost an entire paycheck, and does what it’s supposed to. Nobody wants to dish out their cash for products that simply don’t live up to the hype. Unless your looking to buy jumbo-sized, every DevaCurl product is under $25!

There are two Deva options for cleansing your hair; No-Poo and Low-Poo. If your like me and you don’t shampoo, then obviously No-Poo is the way to go. However, I know there are curly-girlies out there who like the lather, you need Low-Poo. Low-Poo is sulfate-free, and it hydrates while cleansing.

DevaCurl has a universal conditioner called One Condition, and holy crap, I wish every hair product I owned smelled like this. One Condition is super creamy, and left my hair feeling soft and silky. If you have incredibly dehydrated hair you may want to try Heaven In Hair, DevaCurls deep-conditioner.

DevaCurl has five options for styling, they can be mixed and matched to your hearts’ content. Set It Free is a spray that locks in moisture for 24-48 hours, which helps keep your curls looking beautiful from one day to the next. AnGEL is a light-weight gel that gives great hold, and is completely water-soluble. B’Leave-In is a curl booster and volumizer, which is great for fragile or fine hair. Set Up & Above is for the ultimate hold, and it still manages to moisturize your curls. And just in case you don’t like going through the entire process everyday try Mist-er Right to rejuvenate tired or frizzy curls.

Every DevaCurl product is botanically infused, and hydrates, hydrates, hydrates. Lorraine Massey says hydration is the key to frizz prevention. When our curls are parched they reach out into their surroundings, looking for moisture from anywhere. This is seen as frizz, but Massey says if your hair is properly hydrated, it won’t go searching for moisture that it doesn’t need.

Want to know more? DevaCurl

Also, I highly recommend checking out the DevaCurl channel on Youtube!


Curly hair said...

Hi, great article!

The DevaCurl products are botanically infused indeed and that is the key which gives your hair incredible hydratation. Lorraine Massey is one of the experts for frizz prevention.

The US Curly Hair club has recently made a review of the best curly hair products in the States and in the top three was Devacurl and also hairdressers for curly hair

The Club will also start soon its own website in order to raise awareness about the best providers and products for curly hair - after all, we have to stick together, since having beautiful curly hair is an art and needs its attention.

Erin said...

Thanks for this, I just started using the no poo method and am doing a day to day blog about my findings and how the no poo effects my curls. I may look into some of these products! THANKS!

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