Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why I love my mineral foundation

Lovely ladies, hope you’re having a great weekend. You may have noticed that I only ever talk about mineral foundation, never liquid. Well, I have a few reasons that I prefer mineral foundation over liquid, and I thought I’d share with you. Hopefully, if you’re on the fence about mineral foundation, this will help make up your mind.


I get much better, and more even coverage with mineral foundation. With liquid foundation, it never looks natural on my skin. I can always see the makeup on my skin, and it never looks flawless. With mineral foundation, I can never see the makeup on my skin, it blends beautifully, and there’s never a noticeable difference between my face a neck. I want my makeup to look natural, and for mineral foundation gives me the results I want.


I looked and looked, and up to now, have been unable to find a liquid foundation that leaves my skin glowing and dewy. Even if the foundation gives the finish I want, powder always takes it away. With mineral foundation I get the finish I want and powder doesn’t interfere with it. And if I want, I don’t have to use powder on top of my mineral foundation to set it. Mineral foundation leaves my skin glowing, and dewy, and never powdery.

Ease of Use

Mineral foundation doesn’t need to be blended, and it is so easy to use. Liquid foundation requires blending or it won’t even come close to looking natural or good for that matter. With my mineral foundation just swirl, tap, buff, done! It saves me time.

Frankly, I love mineral foundation so much I’ll never go back to liquid. It gives me what I want, and leaves little to be desired.

So what about you lovely ladies, what kind of foundation do you prefer and why?

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