Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review: FHI Platform Ceramic Pink Flat Iron 1"

Okay, so generally I am obsessed with my Original CHI 1" Flat iron, and I have some reservations about trying new flat irons. I've found what works for me, and I see no need to change. However, a good friend of mine gave me this FHI Platform Ceramic 1" flat iron for my birthday, and I figured that I should atleast try it.

So, I tried the FHI Platform Ceramic flat iron and, WOW! It straightened my hair, but managed to leave my body and volume intact. My CHI tends to make my hair flat and I end up using hairspray to trick my hair into having volume and body.

I've had my CHI for over 3 years, so it doesn't work exactly how it used to, but it still works great. One of the biggest differences that I've noticed is that the plates on my CHI aren't quite as smooth as they used to be, so sometimes my hair gets caught. This wasn't a problem at all with the FHI. I'm so accustomed to using my CHI and I love it so much, I sort of look at other flat irons as inferior.  The FHI Platform Ceramic flat iron is every bit as good as my CHI. The FHI heats up quickly, and leaves my hair super shiny.

For more information on the FHI visit or I know it's $139.95 at, but Sally Beauty has also started carrying FHI products, and you may be able to find it cheaper there.

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