Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review: bareMinerals Matte Foundation

Sephora Says: A revolutionary, 100% pure bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation that delivers a flawless, natural-matte finish that lasts all day and provides extraordinary skincare benefits. bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation absorbs excess oil and eliminates shine without drying your skin. It dramatically improves the appearance of your skin through the clinically proven power of RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex, which minimizes pores and promotes cell turnover for fresher, smoother skin, while protecting your skin from environmental damage. This groundbreaking formula is made with only the purest, highest-quality ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Mrs. Blacksten Says: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals new matte foundation has its pros and cons. I really like the fact that bareMinerals matte foundation doesn't contain bismuth oxychloride, as it can be very irritating to some women's skin, and can cause cystic acne.
Another huge plus for the bareMinerals matte is that it has no shine whatsoever, yet your skin doesn't look powdery at all. Most mineral foundations leave your skin shiny, and for women with oily skin, shine is a no-no, not a plus.
From what I can tell, the colors of the bareMinerals matte foundation are the exact same colors of the original formula, making selecting your foundation shade easier.
The biggest upgrade with bareMinerals matte is that it comes in a close able sifter jar. Everyone complained about the original bareMinerals spilling and not being a good product for travel, with bareMinerals matte the problem has been solved.
One of the biggest problems I've noticed with bareMinerals matte is it takes more foundation to get the same amount of coverage as the original formula. Unfortunately, your getting less foundation for slightly more money. The bareMinerals matte is $28 for 0.2 oz., and with the original formula it's $25 for 0.3 oz.
The new bareMinerals matte foundation can only be bought at Sephora for the time being.

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