Friday, January 1, 2010

My Henna'd Hair: Day 1

Okay, so I dyed my hair with henna last night, and of course, I have Ronald McDonald orange hair at the moment. I'm not concerned about it, since henna takes 3-5 days to oxidize. I know this isn't what my hair will ultimately look like, and if need be, I can always henna again to deepen the color some.

I am concerned however, with the fact that my hair feels ridiculous. It's tangling, and feels just weird. So, I looked all over the Henna For Hair forum, to make sure my hair wasn't having some awful reaction to the henna. It turns out, that it isn't all that uncommon for your hair to feel like this at first, especially if you already had dry hair, or chemically-treated hair. Both of which I have. It probably also didn't help that I used almost all lemon juice as my liquid, when mixing the henna. I could be experiencing two things; either I didn't get all the henna out of my hair, and it's causing the aforementioned problems. Or, my hair is super ridiculously dry from the lemon juice. I don't think that it's the first option because I have literally low-poo'd my hair 5 times, and co-washed with Suave probably 10 times, maybe more. I should've known better than to use the lemon juice. So, next time I henna, I'm going to use straight tap water to mix it, and then add some more conditioner to my mix before it goes into my hair.
So the upside, my hair does seem somewhat thicker, and has more volume. Also, I don't seem to have lost any of my curl pattern, which I was concerned about.
Besides the tangles and dryness, I'm happy overall with how it's coming along. I'll continue to update on my journey into henna!
Happy 2010!!

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Bennotte said...

I just want to say thank you very much for your tips and advice. I am so impressed with these tips.

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