Saturday, January 9, 2010

My henna journey....

Hey gals, sorry I didn't update sooner, things have been hectic. So when we last left off, I was loving my henna color, but hating the way my hair felt. Frankly, I haven't found a solution to this. My hair does feel better than it did, but it still doesn't feel normal.

I redid my henna, a couple days ago, to deepen the color, and even it out. Once again, the color is fabulous, far better than anything I could achieve with box color. However, my hair still feels sort of tangly, it doesn't feel dry at all. It's really strange.

With that being said, I should explain now, once you henna your hair, all bets are off. Henna deposits itself, by getting into your hair cuticle, and staying there. So if you had porous hair before, your hair may not be so porous anymore. The henna helps fill in some of the ridges, making your hair have a smoother surface. The products that seemed to work for your hair before, may not work anymore. Simply because henna changes your texture and porosity. My hair is ridiculously smoother feeling, even though it's tangly. Strange, I know.

My hair, post-henna, doesn't seem to want to absorb conditioner so easily. I think I may have to rethink my entire routine. Sadly, I don't know if my hair loves Deva No-Poo anymore, however, I love it so much, I'm gonna keep trying for awhile. Hair can sometimes take a few days to a week to adjust and settle after coloring it with henna.

So the verdict: I love henna, even if my hair is sort of tangly. I know it's far better for my hair than anything I can get in a box. I also know that the gorgeous red won't wash out, and need to be redone once a month. Henna is actually making my slightly thicker, which will allow me to grow it longer. And an added bonus, since I am a hair dye loving fool, and I typically change my haircolor every few months, I know I can't do that anymore. I am forcing myself to stick with a color, which is much healthier for my hair in the long run.

I promise to post pics soon, my camera is MIA at the moment.

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