Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Conair Cord Keeper Dryer: I'm in love...

 Run, very quickly, to anywhere you can pick this bad boy up. The Conair™ Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Styler is amazing. Tourmaline technology allows this blowdryer to dry your hair super fast, and combats frizz like nobodies business.

My hair used to be frizzy, unruly, and a real pain. So when I decided that I needed a new blowdryer, I did some window shopping, online of course, until I came across this baby at The Conair Cord-Keeper dryer is ridiculously cheap, and packs quite a punch. Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic technnology allows the dryer to smooth the hair cuticle, and create shine.

The amount of time it takes me to blow dry my hair has literally been cut in half. My favorite thing about the Conair Cord-Keeper is that I haven't needed to use a flat iron or curling iron to smooth my hair or style it since using this dryer. The blow dryer has actually given me the ability to cut down the styling damage that I'm inflicting on my hair.

The Conair Cord-Keeper dryer obviously, as the name implies, has a retractable cord. It comes with a diffuser, for blowdrying curly hair, and a nozzle to control where the hot air is directed. The Conair Cord-Keeper dryer also has a removable filter for easy cleaning. It has three heat settings; hot, warm, and cool, and three speed settings; high, medium, and low.

The Conair Cord-Keeper Blow Dryer can be picked up at Conair or Ulta, and it's about $40.

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