Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil: Put Them In Your Hair!

Many products that we put in our hair contain oil, the problem is these oils typically aren’t doing anything but sitting on the surface of our hair, making it look greasy and dirty. Coconut oil and olive oil are two oils that are able to actually penetrate our hair shaft, giving maximum benefits and results. Oils can be extremely beneficial to our hair, but all oils are not created equal.

Mineral oil is the oil typically used in hair care products, which only weighs hair down. Mineral oil may give hair a temporary look of health, but it can’t actually penetrate the hair shaft. What this means is that mineral oil only sits on the surface of the hair, while this may make your hair look good for a day, it isn’t helping your hair in the long-run.

Coconut oil has components that can make hair stronger, nourishing it from the inside out, and actually protect it from some of the styling damage being inflicted on it.

According to organicfacts.net, coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity, and three components that are good for your hair; lauric acid, capric acid, and vitamin-E. Lauric acid and capric acid are both antimicrobial agents, meaning that they are natural germ killers, and can help treat dandruff. Vitamin-E is excellent for retaining moisture, and helps keep your scalp healthy.

According to The American Society for Nutrition, “Pure coconut oil is easily absorbed, prevents free radical damage, and can improve the appearance of skin and hair.”

According to The Beauty Brains, “Coconut oil and olive oil actually penetrates the hair to help make it stronger.”

Olive oil is also rich in vitamin-E and other antioxidants, which can actually repair damage to your hair. According to Annie B. Bond on care2.com, “Olive oil nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair.”

So what are some of the ways you can use these two oils to help your damaged, dry, or unruly hair? Use them as a deep conditioner, much like you would with an in-shower hot oil treatment. Saturate your hair with either coconut oil or olive oil 30 minutes before you shower, and wash them out in the shower. Or for even better results leave the oil in your hair over-night, and wash it out in the morning. Another option is using a small, quarter-sized, amount in your hair as a styling product everyday. Replace your usual heat-protectant product with coconut oil or olive oil. There are a number of ways to use either oil, it’s all about what works best for your hair.


Jarmaine | Brochure Printing said...

Excellent! I wouldn't have known something so accessible such as coconut and olive oil could be so useful in nourishing and protecting our hair! I'd probably try leaving them overnight. My hair would smell fantastic too! How many times a week would you recommend this to be done? Thanks for the great advice!

Mrs. Blacksten said...

It really depends on your hair, if you have really dry hair then probably 2-3 times a week. If you have normal hair then once a week if probably good enough.

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