Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who is Soap & Glory Cosmetics?

Soap & Glory, if you haven't already heard is the brain-child of Marcia Kilgore, the founder of the infamous Bliss Spa in NYC. In hopes of taking her amazing products to the masses she founded Soap & Glory.

If you subscribe to the Bliss catalog, like myself, and can't afford $70 wrinkle cream, like myself, then Soap & Glory is for you. Every product in the line, that I've tried is awesome and works great.

As far as I know Soap & Glory products are only available at Target, in the U.S., Shopper's Drug Mart in Canada, and Harvey Nichols and Boots in the U.K.

Every Soap & Glory product has a catchy name, and 50's pin-up style labeling.

A few of my favorite Soap & Glory product's are; The Righteous Butter, a moisturizer; Flakes Away, a body scrub; and Clean on Me, a body wash. The smell in all of Soap & Glory's product's is super girly and delicious. I highly recommend trying out this unique and awesome brand!

I get my Soap & Glory fix at my local Target or, but on Soap & Glory's website it says you should be able to buy direct from them soon.

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