Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's in The Box: At-Home Hair Coloring Tips

So, I've been dying my hair for more than a decade, and I've only had it done at a salon once. I hate my natural dirty-blond hair, and I get bored easily with my hair color, so not only do I dye my hair a lot, but it also changes color frequently. My hair has been almost every color at least once; blond (my staple), brown, red, pink, black, purple. etc. In truth, my hair color changes more often then is good for it, on the upside though, I've learned some great tips along the way about changing your color, and keeping your hair looking good. So I thought I'd try and share some of this with you dolls, I hope it helps.
  • Seriously, if your can control your urge to go from black to platinum blond, do so, it'll never turn out right. Try and keep your hair color choice within 2 to 3 shades of the color it is right now. Dramatic changes should be done in stages, or the color will turn out wrong. If you can't control yourself, then seek out a professional, you'll be happy you did.
  • If your going blond, and your have brassy tones, then you need toner. Sally beauty is where I pick mine up, ask an associate for help. That's what they're there for.
  • If your unsure whether you'll like a color or if it'll look right on you, then go semi-permanent, so if you don't like it it will eventually wash out, mostly.
  • Do not EVER bleach hair that has already been bleached; your hair will literally break off. If your a bottle blond, and you need to bleach to maintain your color, then only bleach your roots. If you ignore every other tip, please, please listen to this one. I have had my hair break off, it is awful.
  • If your dying your hair a darker color, then rub Vaseline around your hairline to prevent dying your skin, it takes days to wash the dye away.
  • If your wanting highlights, then start with less than you think you want, you can always add more, but once they're there your stuck with them.
  • Red hair is exceptionally hard to maintain, it fades, it washes out, etc. If you can only wash red hair every other day at most, this will prevent that dreaded fading.
  • I can't say enough about dimension. Usually hair color from a box has none, which is what makes it so obvious that it's not natural. Adding highlights and lowlights to your hair color will make a world of difference. Buy a shade or two darker than your main color and a shade or two lighter, than use a highlighting cap to add highlights and lowlights. Remember though: less-is-more.
  • I dye the underneath side of my hair darker and the top lighter, if you aren't comfortable doing this at the same time always do the darker first. Sometimes the darker color mixes with the lighter and you end up with something other than what you wanted. If you do the darker first, you can dye over some errors, with the lighter color.
  • When all else fails, seek a professional. Seriously.

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