Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Curly Ladies!!!! Tips and Product Recommendations!

Hello ladies! As I'm sure you know by now, my hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it pretty often. Until recently, my hair hasn't been long enough to wear curly, or I would've had a white-girl afro. African-American ladies can pull off an afro, and look not only cute, but cultural, I've never seen a real white-girl afro look cute or cultural. So I thought I'd explain how I style my hair, when I wear it curly and what products I use and love.

Styling My Curly Hair

First, I'd like to take a moment to mention that I know all about the Curly Girl Method, and how's it's done. I don't really use it because it simply doesn't work for my needs or wants. I have sort of adapted my own Curly Girl Method.

Okay, to start off I don't ever wash my hair with shampoo when I'm going to wear it curly. I use a conditioner, usually Wen or Suave, to cleanse my hair. I do partially dry my hair with a normal towel when I get out of the shower.

Gasp, I even comb it with a wide-tooth comb. I should mention at this point if you look at the picture of me with curly hair, those aren't my natural curls, I create my curls, but I'll get to that in a sec.

I apply only three products to my hair while it's still wet; Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Cream, and Luscious Curls, and I've found an awesome new product called Argan Oil, formerly known as Moroccan Oil if I remember right.

I don't use a lot of product just a nickel-sized amount of each, and I apply them one at a time.

After I have made sure they're all distributed evenly through my hair, I get out my round brush. I use a small, maybe 1/2 inch round brush to twist chunks of my hair into dread-lock looking sections.

After all my hair is sectioned into dread-locks, sort of, I let it air dry part of the way. Usually at this point I'd do my makeup. Then when it's about half dry, I use my blow dryer, on a low setting to dry my hair the rest of the way. While I'm blow drying my hair, I use my round brush to keep twisting sections of hair, so that my curls will be uniform.

Once my hair is dry, I apply a few more products to make my curls more defined; first I apply Wen Texture Balm, but any pomade will do, then I use Generic Value Products Wax, and Biosilk just too make sure my hair stays moisturized.

After I've done all that I spray some Freeze It hairspray on to hold my curls in place.

This method will only work on naturally curly, permed, or naturally wavy hair, otherwise you're hair probably won't hold the style.

The reason I go through all this is; it really helps eliminate frizz, my hair is virtually frizz free when I style it this way, this creates uniform curls, which naturally curly hair is never uniform, and this allows me to decide what kid of curls I want, depending on how small of a dread-lock thingie I make.

This is my absolute favorite way to style my hair curly, and soon I'll post a slide show to show what I mean.

Thanks for reading ladies, I hope this helps!

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