Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Biotera Styling Gel

Most curly girls realize the importance of a good gel. Gel is what gives the hold we need to combat frizz and just generally unruly hair. The other day I mentioned that I picked up a few things on my most recent Sally’s trip. In addition to the Biotera Volumizing Conditioner that I reviewed, I picked up the Biotera Styling Gel. So of course, it’s review time again!

Sally’s Says:

Biotera Styling Gel create soft, natural looking curls and styles. Compare to Biolage and save!  
  • Nettle strengthens and adds luster to over-worked hair
  • Arnica soothes scalp
  • Restores body and bounce
  • Sunscreen protects hair from sun’s harmful rays
  • Never sticky or flaky
 The world isn’t always kind to your hair - let Biotera’s restorative botanicals defend your hair’s beauty. This styling gel is specially formulated to strengthen dry, brittle hair and restore natural body and movement. Won't leave hair sticky or flaky but creates healthier looking hair.

Mrs. Blacksten Says:

The Biotera Styling Gel is another affordable product, at $6.79 for 13.5 oz. Like most of the Biotera products, you can also get it in liter size for $10.49.

So first things first, it smells great, just like the Biotera Volumizing Conditioner, and the GVP Conditioning Balm. It’s a sweet smell, but it’s not overpowering. It smells like a high-end salon product. I’ve never used the actual Matrix Biolage line, so I can’t say whether or not it smells like them. Score 1 for Biotera.
The consistency of the Biotera Styling Gel is different than most gels I’ve used. It isn’t runny, but it isn’t thick either. It’s almost similar to the consistency of a clear shampoo. Immediately when I saw the consistency I knew it’d be easy to distribute, but I had some concerns about the amount of hold it would have. 

The Biotera Styling Gel is labeled as a firm hold gel, I have to disagree. On a scale of 1-5, I’d rate the hold as a 3. It has more hold than Devacurl Angel or Devacare ArcAngel, but less hold than L.A. Looks Sport or Power Spikes Gels. For me it’s more than enough, but it’s really gonna depend on your personal preference and hair needs. Score 2 for Biotera.

As I said before, it’s really easy to distribute, almost sort of slippery. With that being said, I do use a bit more Biotera Styling Gel than many of my other gels. In all fairness, most of my other gels are true firm hold gels though.

After applying and scrunching to my hearts desire, and of course diffusing, I got really great results. I get an ample amount of body, shine, and hold with Biotera Styling Gel. My hair lasts all day, and is really soft. Score 3 for Biotera. 
I should mention if your hair hates glycerin, than this isn’t going to be a good gel for you. Glycerin is pretty high on the ingredients. Awhile back, I thought my hair was disagreeing with glycerin, as it turns out it wasn’t. Maybe it was just a hair slump or something.
All in all I’d repurchase this is a second. On a scale of 1-5, I’d rate the Biotera Styling Gel a 3.5-4. 

Have you tried the Biotera Styling Gel or any of the other Biotera products? Leave me a comment about your experiences.


Michelle said...

Hmm I've been eyeing this gel for awhile and haven't tried it, maybe I'll have to pick some up to try next time I'm in Sally's! Might be good for the summer with the glycerin in it!

N-i-c-o-l-e said...

When I first started CG I used the Biotera Curl Cream. Unsure why I stopped. Hmm I guess I will have to give it a go again after I pick up some of this gel!!!

Rodriguez said...

Thanks for give me this information really this product is very effective.

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